Resort Overview

Located in the tranquil Western Ghats, Ambady Estate is wrapped in the cool embrace of the Sahya rainforest, surrounded by awe-inspiring Parvathy Hills on one side, and the marvelous view of the ‘Chokkan Mala’, Idukki Dam, and the tea plantations on the other sides. Spread across seventy acres, our plantation is home to diverse and indigenous flora and fauna.

To seek harmony and to be one with nature, from time immemorial, we have been known to retreat to the peace and quiet of the mountains, to the stillness of the hills and the natural flow of rivers. At Ambady, we have tried to recreate the synergy of mind, body and intellect through our serene ambience, nutritious and healthy food, the bird song and starlight and the melody of nature.

On hindsight, Ambady Estate was born out of the concept of  
"Project rainforest"
from which sprouted the idea of the "Beyond Organic" concept.
This paved the way for adopting the "Locavore and self sufficient" concepts which finally led us to follow and practice the principles of "Spiritual farming".

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