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Ambady Estate

Yeats’ rendition of the utopian “Innisfree”, almost translates into reality at Ambady Estate. Nestled amidst seventy acres of cardamom plantation, Ambady Estate is about being one with nature. Tailor made for your soul, for your   inner self, Ambady Estate stands apart from the ordinary everyday life. A unique boutique plantation retreat dedicated to nature and its conservation and preservation, Ambady Estate is located in Munnar, one of India’s most exotic destinations.


The ambience of the dining is in complete harmony with nature. The restaurant is made of natural materials like palm leaves, elephant grass etc obtained from the estate itself...


Our activities are in service of offering our guests, the possibility to see our amazing surroundings. That is why we organize activities like trekking, bird-watching etc...


Ambady Estate


Ambady Estate Magnificent Munnar lies in the calm Kannan Devan Hills, 1524m above the sea level, 136 kms from Kochi, Munnar offers you breathtaking sights of the low lying clouds and mist filled green valleys. Accessibility: Munnar is accessible only by road, a scenic four hour drive from Kochi and a four and a half hour drive from Kottayam (148 kms)...


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