The ambience of the dining is in complete harmony with nature. The restaurant is made of natural materials like palm leaves, elephant grass etc obtained from the estate itself.

The restaurant offers you a menu of meals enriched with the vivid flavor of organic vegetables and herbs. Though the menu encompasses delicacies from Indian, Western and Oriental platter, we always encourage our guests to try our local cuisine.

At Ambady Estate, we offer a personal rendition of the Kerala experience based on our beautiful landscape, legacy of our spice trails, the wide range of varied ingredients that our hills and forests have to offer.

Welcome Drink: A spice infusion made of all spices, herbs and leaves from the forest of Ambady Estate.

At Ambady, we follow the principles of locavore system, where we obtain all our produce within a radius of 10 kms. We are also striving to be self sufficient in every way possible.


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